• Imagine, if you will, an 11-year old who loves everything about the game of baseball- the precision, the raised red stitching, the stats, the cards, the names and the history- and imagine her showing up for a summer recreational league and being told by the coach, who hasn't even seen her play, that she should have come to the earlier tryout for 6-9 year olds. Imagine her being insulted as only a young person can be, not yet hardened to life's disappointments, and then imagine her coming back the next day anyhow and making the 11-12 year old team anyhow and letting the 4-week season become her whole life, anyhow.


    And then imagine that same girl, twenty years later, seeing the Colorado Silver Bullets take the field at Fenway Park against a men's team, and even though they only play seven innings and even though they lose and even though, by this time, life's indignities and disappointments have knocked more frequently at the door to her heart, imagine her flinging the doors wide open.