• Collaborations

    Contributed the foreword and many of the photos for this 2006 publication.

    Swimming in Butterflies by Karen Werner. Commissioned by Soundproof, Australian Broadcast Corporation. First broadcast in October 2016.


    A duet for voice (Laura Wulf) and cello (Reinmar Seidler) about being amidst millions of monarch butterflies in Michoacán, Mexico, during the monarch's winter migration. Laura describes the experience in words; Reinmar, a conservation biologist, is asked separately to "speak" about the experience through his cello. An assembled story and soundscape ensues.


  • Bio

    Laura Wulf has shown her work in the Boston area at Gallery@Green Street, the Barbara Krakow Gallery, the DeCordova Museum, Gallery Kayafas, the Hallway Gallery, the Griffin Museum and13Forest in Arlington. She has also shown at the Foley Gallery in New York City and with AMP Gallery in Provincetown.

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