• About Recent Work

    “For some time now it has seemed to me that the two questions we should ask of any strong landscape are these: Firstly, what do I know when I am in this place that I can know nowhere else? And then, vainly, what does this place know of me that I cannot know of myself?” -Robert MacFarlane


    My recent work has been an exploration of landscape, through photography, and of the figure, through drawing. The practice of figure drawing is a practice of encounter – with the human body, with materials, with the creative process and with myself. It is an exquisite alchemy of investigation and mark-making. Photographing a landscape is also a practice of encounter – with the natural world (of which I am a part), the elements, light, the contours of the earth and technology. Integrating the figure with the panoramic landscape raises questions of dislocation and belonging, scale, proportion and the relationship of the body in space.

  • About Photograms

    This work reconciles the technology and the mediated experience of making a photograph with the tactility and the immediacy of making a drawing. First, in the darkroom, I expose the paper multiple times, as a photogram, without the use of a negative. Then, back in the studio, I scratch with a sharp tool or sandpaper directly into the emulsion of the paper. This body of work explores the color potential of chromogenic photo paper, serendipity in a completely dark room and mark-making on an unforgiving surface. Each piece is unique and expands the notion of what a photograph can be-not simply a reproduction of something that already exists but an object in and of itself, something completely new.







  • About Baseball

    The Colorado Silver Bullets were a professional women’s baseball team, sponsored by the Coors Brewing Company, that traveled the country playing men’s all-star amateur and semi-pro teams between 1994 and 1997. The coaches were all former Major Leaguers, including manager Phil Niekro, a Hall of Fame pitcher. Most of the players were top college softball players. Many had played some baseball, but most had been excluded from playing past the age of 12.

    The Silver Bullets broke a lot of new ground and have been recognized by Cooperstown. In 1996, four players hit homeruns and Pam Davis pitched a scoreless inning of relief against the Australian men’s Olympic’s team in a guest appearance with the AA Jacksonville Suns. In 1997, three players hit over .300 and the team dramatically won their final game to finish with a record of 23-22, chalking up their first winning season.


    Although the Colorado Silver Bullets lost their sponsorship at the end of their 1997 season, they were a catalyst and a point of convergence for young girls and women who dreamed of playing baseball. Today there exist a number of women’s amateur baseball leagues across the country and USA Baseball fields a national women’s team that plays other women's teams at an international level. And in Rhode Island, the Pawtucket Slaterettes have been giving girls a chance to learn and play hardball against other girls since 1973.


    I photographed numerous games on the East Coast and two spring training camps over the course of four years so if you don't see what you're looking for, please get in touch.


  • Collaborations

    Contributed the foreword and many of the photos for this 2006 publication.

  • Bio

    Laura Wulf has shown her work in the Boston area at Gallery@Green Street, the Barbara Krakow Gallery, the DeCordova Museum, Gallery Kayafas, the Hallway Gallery, the Griffin Museum and13Forest in Arlington. She has also shown at the Foley Gallery in New York City. She is currently showing with AMP in Provincetown.

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